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Mary-Lou Boulanger is a full time artist working in Hong Kong and Northern Ontario, Canada. Her work is found in many private collections around the world. Many of her paintings have been influenced by her experiences and travels throughout Asia. She is also inspired by the nature outside her door in Northern Canada. 

Mary-Lou enjoys incorporating a variety of mediums and techniques in her paintings. She begins her work with a simple idea that develops from one layer to the next. Mary-Lou loves texture, colour and subtle imperfections that show the artists hand in the work.   She follows the Japanese philosophy of "Wabi-Sabi", the concept of finding beauty in imperfection.         



I have had a lifelong yearning to express myself creatively through drawing, painting and printmaking. I love to incorporate textures, unique colour combinations and patterns into my paintings. 
I feel that the imperfections and rawness found in my work helps to make the paintings more interesting and adds to their real beauty. 



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